Self-service problem resolution

Let’s face it, smartphones malfunction is the key source of frustration for many these days. We center our lives around our devices and when they fail us disaster strikes. Effortless Device Care provides intuitive self-service capabilities that allow users to resolve common issues, minimizing impact on contact centers and improving customer satisfaction.

Device healthcheck and diagnostics

No-one knows your device better than the device itself. Effortless device diagnostics monitors the health of your smartphone and alerts the user of potential issues before they cause major impact. Device diagnostics is integrated into all self-service capabilities to minimize user effort.

Cloud backup and restore

Today life without a smartphones seems unthinkable. We rely on our devices for connectivity, entertainment, taking photos and videos. Ensuring that your data is safe and secure is essential. Effortless backup and restore empowers users to back up their devices to ensure smooth migration to a new device, safeguard data in case of theft or loss, and guaranteeing a smooth repair process.

Device upgrade and trade-in

With accelerating device lifecycles many users are constantly on the lookout for the latest device. Effortless Device Care provides attractive upgrade, trade-in, swap and buy-back capabilities enabling users to upgrade instead of repair old or faulty devices.


eBuilder Effortless Device Care enable mobile operators to lower service costs, engage with customers, improve brand loyalty and efficiently manage lifecycle sales. We empower end-users to self-serve throughout the device lifecycle: easing device onboarding, securing user data, resolving common problems, supplying repair and refurbishments service, as well as providing attractive upgrade, buy-back and trade-in alternatives for users wanting to migrate to new devices.

Since our inception, eBuilder has developed cutting edge technology for after market, supply chain and customer care. Today our solutions are used by more than 5.000.000 users worldwide and handle more than 100 million business transactions per annum.

In little over three years, eBuilder has supported a global telecom player driving savings of more than €20 million in the after sales process alone.

Increased turn-around speed - 70%

Process visibility increase - 95%

Cost reduction - 60%


Improved service quality

Lower service costs 

Higher quality contacts  

Fewer returns

    New lifecycle revenues 


    Refurbishment and repair

    Express service

    Improved customer engagement

    Relevant offers

    Proactive device diagnostics

    Marketing opportunities