Travel and Expense Management

Corporate travel management tailored to your requirements

Business travel management is becoming increasingly complex. That is why is is more important than ever that your travel process - from profile management and travel booking to travel expense reporting and reimbursement, is managed efficiently and effectively. And that is exactly what eBuilder Travel and Expense Management does.

eBuilder Travel and Expense Management helps companies and organizations to minimize their costs for travel and reimbursement management. The solution is highly configurable and can be tailored to your needs.

Below is the process overview of the Travel and Expense Management Cloud Process.

business travel management
business travel management

Easy to use - easy to understand: this is eBuilder Travel and Expense Management

"I don't have time to figure out a complicated system. I want a system that is easy to access and easy to use."

eBuilder Travel and Expense Management has a user-friendly interface that is accessible every day, around the clock. Business travelers can take care of their travel administration wherever they happen to be: at home, at work, or anywhere. A connection to the Internet is all that is needed.

eBuilder Travel and Expense Management: A web-based service

"Our current system does only a portion of the travel administration job, plus all of the licenses and maintenance are quite expensive. But the worst of all is that we must tailor OUR ways of working to the system. Unfortunately, we can't affort to change it."

eBuilder Travel and Expense Management is delivered as a web-based service in which eBuilder is responsible for the operation, maintenance, and updates of, for example, tax rules. Our service is completely independent of your and your travel suppliers' existing technical solutions. We complement your organization's existing solutions--we do not replace them. And perhaps the best news of all is that we can tailor the system to your needs.


Travelers' information is handled effeciently and securely

"So many profiles! How can I be sure that our travel providers have up-to-date information?"

With eBuilder Travel and Expense Management, each traveler profile, that is, the specific details about each traveler that is shared with travel providers, is completed just one time, even if you change travel providers. The traveler augments the data with personal information to create a complete traveler profile. Personal information is handled in a secure manner according to applicable privacy regulations.

eBuilder updates traveler profiles automatically with information obtained from your organization's internal system. Your organization remains the owner of the information.


Simplified travel expense reporting

"Frequent business travel means that I am often away from my family. And when I finally have some time at home, I have to say to my kids, 'Leave Mommy alone for a while so she can do her travel expense report.' Figuring out exchange rates and handling all of the receipts takes way too much time. There must be an easier and faster way to do expense reports!"

Each time a traveler pays for a business expense with a company card, for example, taxi, hotel, and client entertainment, the payment is automatically imported from the card company to the traveler's expense report, with the correct exchange rate. If the traveler pays with cash, the correct exchange rate is applied automatically when the traveler registers the payment in the system. The traveler receives the reimbursement via your organization's salary system or directly to the traveler's bank account.


Control of the approval flow

"I have approval responsibility for all of the travelers in my region. All of their travel requests and expense reports come to me. But now I am going on maternity leave. How do I delegate this responsibility to someone else?"

Approval and other administration tasks can be directed to the correct person. You can easily change the workflow as needed.


Automated invoice handling

"The volume of travel invoices we deal with is staggering, and so is the time it takes to compare them to delivery notes."

eBuilder Travel and Expense Management integrates with your travel and invoice provider's systems, thereby automating the verification of invoices against delivery notes. This means that administrators need only check up on posts that do not match.


Make well-grounded economic decisions with real-time information

"I know that our travel costs are too high, but I don't have the reports and statistics I need to be able to judge where costs can be reduced with as little as possible adverse effect on our operations. I also need these reports to satisfy compliance and accounting requirements"

eBuilder Travel and Expense Management's business intelligence (BI) provides follow-up of the end-to-end travel process. Information is updated and can be viewed in real time. All travel-related costs are collected in one place, and you can easily produce a number of different types of reports. Everyone gets a complete picture.


Ensure travel booking is done according to company rules

"I wish our employees would be more careful about sticking to the company rules when they book their trips. They often book incorrectly despite the fact that I provide them with lists of all the approved travel providers."

eBuilder Travel and Expense Management directs how employees book their travel so that your company's internal travel policies and other regulations, such as tax rules, are followed. This means that the travel providers with whom you have agreements are used consistently, which in turn gives you a better negotiation position when it is time to renew the agreement.


Gain control over more business processes

"Can eBuilder solutions be used together?"

If you use eBuilder Travel and Expense Management, you can easily and economically start using other eBuilder business processes (Cloud Processes) because they all use the same platform and share much of the same data. For example, eBuilder Procurement can be used in tandem with eBuilder Travel and Expense Management.


eBuilder Travel and Expense Management advantages

"Why should I choose eBuilder?"

Your company gains many advantages with eBuilder Travel and Expense Management. It is the right choice for managing your business travel process.

  • Speed up and simplify the travel process
  • Lower administrative costs
  • Policy-directed travel
  • Less environmental impact
  • Visibility and control
  • Satisfied travelers


eBuilder Travel and Expense Management Modules

Travel Profile Manager

Travel Request Manager

Travel Booking Manager

Card Expenses Manager

Travel Expense Report Manager

Travel Invoice Manager

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eBuilder Travel and Expense Management Modules
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