We specialize in web security so you can focus on your core business!

eBuilder Security

Our Services

eBuilder Security allows you to focus on your core business while we provide the security for your web/enterprise applications. We are trusted by large cap, global corporations with the highest information security standards. Using best in class tools and technologies, our services can replace expensive security teams saving you valuable time, money, and resources. We will identify vulnerabilities to help secure your applications and keep your data safe. This will help you save time, money, and resources that can be put into better use.

Web Application Vulnerability Scanner

We offer you the world’s most accurate vulnerability scanner as an affordable on tap service. Through this service, you can scan one or multiple web applications on a daily basis without investing a large sum in licenses and build a dedicated security team. Our services will ensure quick identification of vulnerabilities so that remedial action can be taken and risks are minimized.

Penetration Testing

We offer you an in-depth and comprehensive penetration test tailor made to specifically identify your internal and external threats. Our team of international security experts ensures that we can provide you a world class service at an affordable rate. Our experts follow a proven penetration testing methodology utilizing a multitude of different penetration testing tools.

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