The Accelerator platform is a generic platform to build and manage large and complex Business Processes. eBuilder’s accelerator offering is based on a common eBuilder architecture/platform. Key aspects:
  • Flexible – can cater for any business process
  • Proven – been in production for over a decade
  • Robust – redundant network & Infrastructure setup
  • Highly Scalable – easy to scale by adding processing/web/ftp servers
  • Safe – Client base demands it
  • Physical Servers located at Military Classified Locations
  • IT Service Management – Allign to ITIL (Incident/Change/Problem management)
  • Multi-tier application architecture

Returns accelerator

Learn more about the eBuilder Service Network Management platform. Ready-to-run in more than 70 countries worldwide.

Supply Chain Accelerator

Connect your logistics partners and manage complex shipments and consignments with minimum effort while keeping flexibility


Customized cloud business process workflows for travel and expense management, financial reconciliation, device care, insights and more

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